Used Cadillac For Sale at Premier Auto Outlet KC

When you're looking for a Cadillac but you don't want to pay the exorbitant price that's normally associated with them, you're going to want to visit Premier Auto Outlet KC. It's only a short drive from Kansas City, Overland Park, or Independence, and once you arrive, you'll find that there are plenty of pre-owned options to choose from.

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The Practical Option

When you're trying to pick a model for the family, you're going to want to go with an SUV, as they're almost always the best choice.

  • Escalade: As one of the most powerful SUVs on the market, the Escalade can easily trot past most other models on the road. With a wide mix of tech and comfort features as well, it's a great choice for a large family.
  • XT4: With a turbocharged engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission, this model offers all the handling you could possibly need while still maintaining respectable power and practicality.
  • XT5: This model expands on everything the XT4 does so well by simply bringing more to the table. You'll find a beautiful design on the outside, and plenty of helpful tech features on the inside.
  • XT6: With 7 seats coming standard and a maximum cargo space of 78.7 cubic feet behind the first row, it's no secret why the XT6 is so popular among large families.

More Power

If you find that you're looking for pure power, you're going to focus on the V series.

  • Escalade-V: If you're looking for something that's fast but you still need the space of an SUV, you'll likely find that this is a comfortable middle ground.
  • CT4-V: The CT4-V gives you access to some great power while remaining highly affordable. You'll find that your 10-speed transmission smoothens out your ride so that you can effortlessly handle tight turns.
  • CT4-V Blackwing: There are a few keen differences between the Blackwing and the normal CT4-V. For one, you'll have a lot more horsepower thanks to a better engine, and you'll also notice that your automatic transmission has been swapped for a manual.
  • CT5-V: While the CT5-V is certainly no slouch when it comes to speed, it focuses a lot on luxury, which is why you might be able to find features like massaging seats and a heated steering wheel.
  • CT5-V Blackwing: With a hand-built engine, a manual transmission, and over 600 horsepower, this model was meant to rule the road.

Going Electric

When you need something that's truly efficient, you're going to want to be on the lookout for an electric model. You'll be able to save a hefty amount of money since you won't be relying on the fluctuating price of gas and you won't have to worry about putting out any emissions either.

  • LYRIQ: The LYRIQ sets itself apart from every other Cadillac model as it's fully electric. It boasts 308 miles of range and a beautiful 33-inch diagonal display, making it the ideal choice for those who want to balance luxury with efficiency. With an available All-Wheel Drive, it's also highly capable as well, so you don't have to worry about struggling to deal with bad road conditions. You'll also find that the luxury trim offers Super Cruise functionality, giving you the ability to drive hands-free on the road. This can take the stress away from long road trips and gives you the extra versatility that you need when you're behind the wheel.

You can get pre-approved for your next Cadillac model online before visiting Premier Auto Outlet KC.