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One of the big brands to come out of Detroit in the early years, Dodge is easily recognizable. Today, the legendary brand continues to build models that appeal to the car buyer who wants sleek, fast, and affordable.

The Beginning of Greatness

Originally, Elgin and John Francis Dodge manufactured auto parts for other vehicle manufacturers like Ford around 1910. Then in 1914, the Dodge Brothers rolled out their first vehicle, a four-cylinder model called the Dodge 30/35. The Dodge brother's vehicle was innovative, utilizing features that would become industry standards such as a 12-volt electrical system and an all-steel body.

Quality construction and innovation were the benchmarks of the company that led Dodge to be second place in the industry for the U.S. market by 1916. Dodge, like other manufacturers, contributed to the first World War by building 12,000 vehicles for use in the war effort. 

The Dodge brothers began with a higher-end vehicle with the Dodge 30/35 and continued to manufacture quality vehicles for a short time until both died from the Spanish Flu in 1920. Five years later, their families sold the Dodge Brother's company to Dillon, Read and Company for 146 million dollars.

The Dodge name, now under new ownership, continued to make quality vehicles, expanding into the truck industry, while also building large passenger cars. In 1925, the Dodge company bought a controlling interest in the Graham Brothers Inc. and they started manufacturing all trucks for Dodge.

Chrysler Purchases Dodge

By 1928, Dodge changed hands again, this time to manufacturing giant, Chrysler. Chrysler thinned the Dodge lines down to just two, featuring just thirteen models between them. Dodge added an eight-cylinder line and production was moved from Hamtramck, Michigan to Los Angeles, California, where it remained until the plant closed in 1971. 

For their 25th anniversary, Dodge released the Luxury Liner line in 1939, but production stopped due to World War II where Dodge again contributed to the war effort by building over 400,000 vehicles. After the war ended, Dodge released their hugely successful Dodge Dart to challenge Ford, Plymouth, and Chevrolet.

In 1965, the Dodge Charger was introduced, taking the place of the now-retired, full-sized sedan called the Dodge Coronet. This was the precursor to a new line of muscle cars spearheaded by the Dodge Challenger and the lesser-known Super Bee.

In 1976, the Dart was replaced with the Aspen, a roomier model with more cargo space. Dodge developed the Daytona for release in 1987, where it gained popularity and had a good run until 199. At this time Dodge turned their focus on sports cars, unveiling the Dodge Viper to increase sales.

Dodge Goes a New Direction

Before 1940, Dodge Ram pickups were introduced as light and medium-duty trucks, but by 1940 they began producing heavy duty trucks. The Dodge Ram didn't appear until around 1981, when Cummins released a powerful new diesel engine which improved the Dodge Ram's popularity especially when towing capacity was needed. The Ram line changed style and popularity due to exposure on the enormously successful television series Walker Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris, and the look would seal the popularity of the RAM for years to come.

Dodge Vehicles Today

Dodge continued to build other popular vehicles like the Challenger and the Charger, but also SUVs like Dodge Journey and Durango after the split with RAM.

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