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Honda has been a long-time international favorite in the automotive industry and is known for its amazing selection of vehicles at an outstanding price point. Honda has stood as a company for just under a century and has a decorated history that starts in a pre-war Japan. Today, Honda dominates in the world of small vehicles, midsize SUVs, and other segments. Finding a Honda at Premier Auto Outlet is easy, as we carry a range of different models for drivers from Kansas City, Overland Park, and Topeka

Honda History

Soichiro Honda began Honda as a company that manufactured Pistons for Toyota, but post-war Japan saw the company turn to motorcycle production. It didn't take long before Honda was the largest supplier of motorcycles in the world. Honda entered the automotive industry in 1963 with the introduction of the T-360 pickup truck and was followed closely by the S-500 sport. Through decades of growth, Honda introduced Acura as their luxury line and was followed closely by the first manufacturing plant on U.S. Soil in Ohio. In the 90s, Honda's success began to backslide as they were unprepared for the rising demand for larger vehicles but were able to bounce back with the introduction of the Honda Odyssey in 1994 and the CR-V in 1997. 

First Honda Vehicles

The first Honda Vehicle released was the T-360 in 1963. The T-360 was a pickup truck available in several different configurations, including flatbed, covered van, and conventional truck options. The truck was powered by a 356 cc inline four-cylinder engine that had a maximum output of 38 horsepower. The T-360 was followed four months later by the Honda S-500 Sport. This small sportscar saw slightly more power than the T-360 with a 531 cc engine at 44 horsepower. The S-500 sold roughly 1300 models from 1963-1964,  and was available in both convertible and hardtop configurations.

Most Popular Honda Models

The all-time highest-selling models for Honda were the Civic, the Accord, and the CR-V. The Honda Civic is not only the best-selling Honda model but is currently seen as one of the best-selling cars of all time with over 24 million units sold. The Honda Accord is a larger, more spacious sedan than the 4-door Civic. and given its long-time production and overall accommodation, has been a huge part of Honda's legacy. The CR-V is also a top seller and was the first foray into crossover vehicles for Honda.

Honda Today

Honda has certainly grown by leaps and bounds in today's modern age. In 2006 Honda entered the truck market with the Honda Ridgeline, a slightly smaller truck with a practical towing and payload capacity. Honda has several hybrid models available alongside their top gas models including the Civic, Accord, Cr-V, and more. Honda has also recently released the Honda Insight which is a high-efficiency compact sedan that can achieve nearly 55 miles per gallon. Honda continues to innovate its vehicles, including top-notch safety systems, available connectivity, and a future of electric-powered vehicles.