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Jeep vehicles are known for their trail-rated, rugged lineup that is a perfect chance for those weekend off-roading adventures. Jeep also engineers each of its vehicles to be comfortable and luxurious, making for a wonderfully multifaceted lineup. Jeep has so much to offer, and Premier Auto Outlet in Kansas City can help drivers from Kansas City, Topeka, and Overland Park find the Jeep that is the perfect fit. 

Jeep History

Jeep started under the name Willys-Overland, and ultimately got its start when the Armed Forces put out a demand for a four-wheel-drive reconnaissance car. Willys-Overland was one of the only companies to respond, and with Ford as a supplier, the two companies soon created the Ford Pygmy and the Willys Quad Prototypes. After substantial success with military vehicles, Willys-Overland went on to the civilian side, and its hefty vehicles were marketed heavily to farmers as a "workhorse." Seven years after the first civilian vehicle, Willys-Overland trademarked the name "Jeep," which has many potential origins," and became the company similar to the one we know today.

First Jeep Vehicles

Jeep got its start to meet demand from the military in World War Two. Thus, the Willys MB was developed in response. The Willys MB was once referred to as "America's greatest contribution to modern warfare" and was considered an essential piece of equipment for a ton of American soldiers. The first civilian vehicle was named the CJ-2A and was marketed to farmers as neither a tractor nor a trailer, but rather a powerhouse on wheels. Many of these vehicles were equipped with surplus military parts, but were highly popular due to a ton of optional additional equipment. Jeep evolved quickly with the release of the first all-steel station wagon in 1946 and their first truck in 1947.

Most Popular Jeep Models

Jeep has two models that stand out among the rest as far as top sales, the Jeep Cherokee and the Jeep Wrangler. Both vehicle models started production in the 1980s, and both have a very unique look and design that has made them very recognizable. The Jeep Cherokee has seen several generations with a ton of special editions but started as one of the first crossover SUV vehicles available in the United States. The Wrangler is probably the most famous of the Jeep family and is known as an off-road SUV that is recognized by its boxy shape and 7-slot grille. The Wrangler is considered essential to the brand's identity and has been in production since 1986 in Toledo, Ohio.

Jeep Today

Jeep became part of the Chrysler company in the 80s, and today it finds that perfect balance between adventurous and luxurious SUVs. Many Jeep vehicles are trail-rated and able to crawl over rocks, "swim" through high water, and so much more. Alongside many other high-profile vehicles, Jeep is turning a new corner with hybrid technology. In addition to a gas-powered version, Jeep recently released their first-ever plug-in hybrid version of the Wrangler Rubicon. The brand continues to develop alternative fuel vehicles.