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Pre-Owned Inventory at Premier Auto Outlet KC

Shopping for your next vehicle can be a fun and exciting experience. Looking at the price tag on a new model can leave you less enthused. You'll find a wide range of pre-owned models to suit many types of buyers at Premier Auto Outlet KC. If you hesitate to buy a used vehicle, consider all the benefits you'll enjoy.

Buy with Confidence

Buying a used car these days isn't nearly as scary as buying one in the past. Reputable dealers now offer things like vehicle service records and ownership history, so you can see how the previous owner took care of the vehicle. There is also the option of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, which are 100 percent backed by the original manufacturer. Let's look at the advantages of buying pre-owned:

  • Price Savings: A used vehicle can be substantially lower in price compared to the same model sold fresh from the manufacturer. This may mean an overall savings of thousands of dollars. Other price variables that can be substantially lower include sales tax, property tax, and insurance costs.
  • More Bang for Your Buck: The savings you gain from choosing a used car open possibilities for you to select a nicer trim package than you would be able to afford if you bought the vehicle brand-new. Choosing a used model might allow you to get the sportier package that's just a few years older. More luxury, more technology, and more powerful engines can be within your reach if you choose a vehicle that is slightly used.
  • Resale Value: Everyone knows that a new car loses its value or depreciates as soon as you drive it off the sales lot. If you try to resell the vehicle at any point, you won't be getting nearly the amount of money back that you originally spent. A used car or truck will still depreciate but at a much slower rate. This is a big reason why the sales price is significantly lower. With the lower depreciation, you can expect a much better value in return if you choose to sell the vehicle down the road.
  • Certified Pre-Owned: CPOs are usually sold by the same dealership that sells an automaker's new line of cars. They are slightly used, typically no more than a couple of years old, and have low mileage. So, in essence, these cars are like new, except for the price.

A vehicle that fits the criteria for CPO status will be fully inspected and refurbished. Once they have determined the car is in such good shape, they give it a CPO certification and back it with a warranty.

Financing Used Vehicles

If buying a pre-owned vehicle sounds like a great deal, you'll need to consider your financing options. The great news is it's often easier to get financing for a pre-owned car than for a new one. You can find a great loan option with affordable monthly payments in our finance center at Premier Auto Outlet KC. Fill out the application online to get started with pre-approval.

Stop by or visit us online at Premier Auto Outlet KC to see our current pre-owned inventory. If you live around Kansas City, Overland Park, or Topeka, stop in for a test drive today.