Pre-Owned Trucks for Sale in Kansas City

Pre-Owned Trucks for Sale at Premier Auto Outlet KC

If you find yourself in need of a truck, either for work or recreation, new trucks these days are expensive. According to JD Power, new pickup trucks cost an average of 61 percent more than they did a decade ago. Prices have gone up by 47 percent in just the last two years. If you need a truck, you might want to consider a used model from Premier Auto Outlet KC.

Why Consider a Used Truck?

Other than the jaw-dropping price of a new truck, purchasing your next pickup truck from the pre-owned lot could be a better option for more reasons than you may have considered. You may be able to afford the entry-level model, but all those special features and options you were hoping for will raise the price.

Buying a used truck can save you considerable cash since the initial cost is much lower. New trucks also depreciate, meaning they lose their value rapidly in the first few years. So, if you try to resell it, you won't be getting even close to what you paid for it. You can also get a more expensive trim for less than what you would pay for a base model when it's new.

If you are skeptical about purchasing a used truck, you might want to consider the following:

  • Durability and Reliability: Trucks are built tough. They are designed to haul heavy loads, pull equipment, tackle difficult roads, and more. A used truck may have mileage, but it's built to last and endure. A well-maintained truck can last for several hundred thousand miles, so buying used doesn't carry the same stigma as other used vehicles.
  • Better Prices: Buying a used truck allows you to get the most bang for your buck. You could find a price tag tailored to your needs and affordability. In many cases, you can afford a better model with better upgrades and more features than you could when purchasing a new model.
  • Certified Pre-Owned: CPO trucks are used trucks that have low miles, are less than a few years old, and have never been in a wreck. The manufacturer inspects, refurbishes, and certifies these vehicles and then backs them with a manufacturer's warranty. These trucks are like new and are meticulously inspected for issues, they also come with the vehicle's complete service record, so you know what you are getting.

Financing a Pre-Owned Truck with Premier Auto Outlet KC

One of the best attributes of purchasing a used or pre-owned pickup is the ease of financing. Banks and lenders are usually less afraid to finance a used truck over a new one that will depreciate if you have less than perfect credit. Certified pre-owned trucks can often get special financing incentives from the manufacturer.

You can get started with no obligation when you fill out our online finance application. Our finance center will let you know how much you have been approved for, so you can start shopping.

Let Premier Auto Outlet KC help you find the right vehicle for your needs. Stop in to check out our pre-owned trucks near Independence, Lawrence, and Olathe, and take one for a test drive.